Susan Baier

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Help Your Clients Find Their People

Learn the eye-opening approach that can help your clients discover their ideal audiences and give you everything you need to create effective, relevant marketing -- more easily than ever.

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The Audience Axis approach to marketing strategy can transform the work you do for your clients.

Imagine your clients coming you to prepared -- with their ideal audiences in hand -- knowing everything you need to build great marketing programs:

  •  Which problems are their ideal prospects struggling with?
  • Which solutions have they already tried that haven't worked?
  • Where are they looking for help?
  • What information do they most need to make a decision?
  • Which features and benefits do they value the most?
  • What are their biggest objections, and what could you say that would overcome them?
Jay Baer

A transformational approach to marketing...

”Susan is one of the most effective marketing minds I’ve encountered. Her approach is one that focuses very clearly on what motivates consumers to act -- and it's not your tagline. She can take theory and apply it for companies in a way that actually generates transformational business results.”

...that makes every marketing decision easier...

“I thought I knew about marketing until I met Susan. She totally transformed the way I think about ideal customers, and her work flows through everything I do now -- strategy, content development, new concept ideation, sales and customer interactions. I can't imagine creating marketing with any other framework.”

Pamela Slim
Chris Lee

...and drives results for you and your clients.

“Susan changed not only the way we do business but the entire way we think. Our methodology is absolutely rooted in her approach. As a digital marketer, our lens of viewing everything from the customer's problems has become a competitive advantage. We often win deals against bigger competitors, and Susan's approach is a big reason why.”

About Susan

Susan Baier has been a marketing strategist for over 25 years, working in Fortune 500 firms and marketing agencies. She has an MBA in marketing and entrepreneurship and has mentored hundreds of small business owners in marketing and audience strategy.

Her firm Audience Audit develops custom attitudinal segmentation for smart marketing agencies and their clients, including Gap, Infusionsoft, Tufts University, and AT&T. Susan also helms Audience Axis, which helps small business owners identify their ideal audiences with a fun, effective and affordable online program.